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By the light…

I’ve been in San Francisco one year this month. One year ago I stopped living with my ex-husband, drove 3000+ miles across country, and established a new life in California. One year ago I closed down my successful Massachusetts business … Continue reading

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Along the Embarcadero Continue reading

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Held Captive…

Isn’t it nice when we shut down our minds and let our child out to play? Continue reading

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And the patient had chains

Funny who you’ll run into at the local hospital Continue reading

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Reflections on Still Water

In the mornings, as the fog was beginning to dissipate, the train would pass a small inlet. This tiny body of water was really nothing more than a small finger of the Bay, crowded under a concrete freeway onramp and surrounded by the debris of half-built and abandoned buildings, homeless encampments, and a steel graveyard. Continue reading

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Funky Bird

I am just not feeling hot today. And I am feeling hot today. I am in a funk and I’m funky. Unlike Jonathon, I did not indulge in foods direct from the great salt lick; however, I want to indulge … Continue reading

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The Trickster

I’ve always been fascinated with the myth of Trickster. He is cunning and sly; the wise man who acts as the fool. His very nature is contradictory because he is a bringer of both chaos and order. He is considered … Continue reading

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