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Calling All UNIX Gurus

Rule number one if you’re taking a break from your weblog: turn off email notification for your comments. I kept responding to the comments rather than working. Speaking of working, the main reason I was taking the break was to … Continue reading

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Burnt to a Crisp

I’m burnt to a crisp and have little to offer. No new whimsey such as the Tim Tam Scandal. No metablogging about journalism. And especially, no fighting the good fight. (Not to mention that I’m faced with two immediate book … Continue reading

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SFSU “Blog Burst”

Several bloggers have gotten together to express their opinions of the SFSU pro-Palestinian/pro-Israel clash. You can view a summary of this event at Winds of Change. Of particular interest to me was Facts of Israel claims of bias at the … Continue reading

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Blogging as Journalism and other modern myths

I’m not sure if webloggers buy into the whole “weblogging as a new and better form of Journalism” because they truly see themselves in this light, or because they seek some form of justification for all the time they spend … Continue reading

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The Plot Thickens…

So, the news of dirty deeds and bought links continues to unfold. In the comments at Jonathon’s accusatory post I found the following from Jeneane: J. – I tried to bribe you with cashew brittle from the Bird, but no … Continue reading

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The Heartless Thing cont.

Jonathon I don’t know how you could think I would stoop to trading my favors for your cookies? Links for Tim Tams! Indeed! Jonathon, Jonathon, Jonathon, Jonathon, Jonathon. How could you think that of me? The Bird that Burns, of … Continue reading

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The Heartless Thing!

Restless night and couldn’t sleep so I thought I would sooth my spirit and calm my soul by seeing what my good and dear friend Jonathon Delacour has to say. Imagine how aghast I was to read: Links for Tim … Continue reading

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