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Essential Blogging Book

Weblog postings about the Essential Blogging book I’ve been discovering. Denise noted: Help them make the book rock (it already does), and read Rael Dornfest’s open invitation to submit your stories and tips for possible inclusion in the”Blogging Voices” chapter, … Continue reading

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AKMA writes on forgiveness: When I say, “Forgive me,” I mean something different from “Let’s pretend it never happened,” or “It doesn’t matter,” or “Just drop it.” “Forgiving” certainly doesn’t entail forgetting, or discounting; it may be the only way … Continue reading

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More Pretty Pics

And then Jerry posted a new photo essay, Foggy May Morning. Very, very nice work, Jerry. But where’s Zeke? Note to virtual neighbors: I have a bone to pick with all of you. You’re posting wonderful writing, lovely photos, and … Continue reading

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Pretty Pics

Thanks to Allan for pointing out this lovely site, Astronomy Picture of the Day. I also enjoyed the paperweight nebula.

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Literature through the ages

This also from *Jonathon: Norwegian Book ClubsTop 100 books of all time I was pleased and frankly astonished to realize how many of the books on this list I’ve read. I don’t consider myself one of the more literate members … Continue reading

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More Voices on Moral Clarity

Two new voices raised on the issue of Moral Clarity: Kath writes: My friend claims that my demanding of my rights violates his right to what he values most – his safety. I claim that living life is a risk. … Continue reading

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Congrats, Sam Ruby

I consider Apache to be an excellent example of what the computer industry can accomplish when it pulls together to create a truly open product. When I heard that Sam Ruby was just elected to the Apache Board of Directors, … Continue reading

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