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Today was hot and humid, which meant the fireflies were out, in force, at dusk. One particularly frisky little bug hovered in front of the living room window, seemingly infatuated with the magnificant glow of the small light by the … Continue reading

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Bush-Cheney-Gates: We are watching you

Dave Winer can sometimes be over the top at times (in truth, so can I), but he’s not far off the mark when he writes, “…foreclosure. That’s what MS is doing with everything we hold dear.”. What Dave’s talking about … Continue reading

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Speaking of Courtesy

The Happy Tutor has written a longish weblog posting regarding my earlier posting, The Lost Art of Courtesy. Happy writes: I wonder, though, BB, are courteous blogs “scaleable”? If we want to reach an audience of 10-20 personable losers, and … Continue reading

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Thou art Mortal

Gary asked an interesting question earlier in the week: I wonder how many people started blogging after receiving this dictat from Chris Locke. Seems that Chris, otherwise known as Rageboy is blogging papa to several people, including Gary, Denise, Jeneane … Continue reading

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The Lost Art of Courtesy

Along with our respect for freedom and our sense of humor and perspective, seems we’ve lost something else in this modern age of connectivity – our courtesy. And in its void, we’ve replaced it with various guises of non-courtesty masquerading … Continue reading

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Nebraska’s on my List

Driving across Nebraska was a series of slows and gos due to the road construction. Unfortunately, it was also the location of my first car scratches. After leaving a construction zone at one point, a work truck next to me … Continue reading

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Pledge III

Much discussion about the Pledge of Allegience ruling. Many people believe the issue is much ado about nothing, while others are mildly or strongly supportive of the ruling. Of those who dislike the ruling, it seems that there is a … Continue reading

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