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I want my DSL!

(Begin of minutia minute) The fight continues to try and get my DSL connection to work. I’m impressed with the amount of time and effort that Earthlink is expending on the problem – I was in conversations for several hours … Continue reading

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Older, Taller, Richer, Wiser

My divorce has been final for over a year, which means I feel that it’s now “safe” for me to consider dating again. And as much as I think my weblogging male friends are the most wonderful, sexiest, interesting people … Continue reading

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More on the Pledge

Dan Lyke pointed out that Illiad of User Friendly fame has weighed in on the Pledge of Allegiance ruling. I laughed until I shuddered and cried. The Pledge legal decision and the User Friendly cartoon touched on two critical issues … Continue reading

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ThreadNeedle Test RDF

I’ve posted examples of the RDF used for ThreadNeedle to the ThreadNeedle Discussion Group. One file represents the type of RDF embedded within a posting for a threading disucssion start, one file represents the type of RDF embedded for a … Continue reading

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Did someone say cats?

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The Pledge

I was extremely pleased and surprised to hear that an appellate court has ruled that reciting the Oath of Allegiance is unconstitutional because of the phrase “…under God”. Not everyone believes in a God, nor do all religions support the … Continue reading

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It was never about the guys…

Jonathon juxtaposed two quotes within a posting – a serious one from a woman questioning whether she would ever meet the man of her (overly perfect) dreams; and a rather humorous exchange between guys on IRC. In response to a … Continue reading

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