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On Being a Sensualist

The world that lieth in wickedness, the sensualist, has no taste nor relish for that bread which cometh down from God out of heaven, and nourisheth the soul up unto eternal life. Thomas Lechtworth, They that wait upon the Lord … Continue reading

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Get Better

Per Jeneane and Ann came news that Marek was ill from unknown causes, in pain, and in the hospital. Bad news. Tonight, we hear from David that Marek has an intestinal infection and is going home on Sunday – much … Continue reading

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Sound of Surf

The weather is cloudy and cooler and the dewpoint has dropped so I can finally get out for a walk. St. Louis is a lovely city situated amidst giant rivers and verdant hills containing numerous trails and paths and caverns … Continue reading

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The World’s Smallest Postings

Steve Himmer (or should that be Opt Himmer? 5 Himmer?) subtly started something yesterday* that was intriguing to say the least: Is brevity really the soul of wit? Or, more precisely, am I capable of saying anything without rattling and … Continue reading

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Pundit One and LAX

The mighty Glenn Reynolds has written another of his edifying columns out at Fox, this one on the LAX shooting. As expected, he echos the other punditry’s concensus that the shooting was an act of terrorism. Hadayet was from Egypt, … Continue reading

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Cooler Breezes

A thunderstorm rolled through today, breaking the heat spell. The temperature should be in the 80′s for the next couple of days, though dewpoints are high. Before moving to St. Louis, I talked about humidity. Now I talk about dewpoints; … Continue reading

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Bad Boys

Seems as if Dick Cheney, fearless co-leader of the US, is being sued for artificially boosting stock prices while he was CEO of Halliburton. This follows on the SEC’s investigation of Halliburton’s accounting practices. Not surprising – Halliburton’s accounting firm … Continue reading

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