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Da Train! Da Train!

I was woken up in the middle of the night last night by a loud sound. As I lay in bed, confused, wondering if the neighbor was partying I heard what sounded like the train. For a very, very long … Continue reading

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More words than five

I’m seeing a metamorphosis in many of the weblogs I visit lately — people not only moving their weblogs to new servers or new weblogging tools, but also looking to redefine what their weblogs mean to them. Why am I … Continue reading

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Let er’ come

I’m back on track with the RDF book, though slowly. I want to write, frequently, strongly, and to cover the screen with pixels, but, lately, my thoughts have not been on technology. I think my new office location has something … Continue reading

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Five words or Less

Michael Barrish: I am alone Mark Pilgrim: I am blessed. Karl Never tell me the odds. Jonathon Delacour: Life is a beautiful dream. Shannon Campbell I reap what I sow. Steve Himmer How did I get here? Bearman I have … Continue reading

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No matter what you call it, it’s sexism – Sexism: attitudes, conditions, or behavior promoting stereotyping of social roles based on gender. Merriam-Webster Online – Sexism: behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex With regards to the Say what post and … Continue reading

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Browsin’ them links, Writen’ them postings

Loren wrote a wonderful essay about To Kill a Mockingbird for the Banned Books project that’s a must read. For the record, I am also quite fond of this book, as well as the movie based on the book starring … Continue reading

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Inland Ellis Island

Caption: An old land mark (sic) that was razed in Marcus recently was the Immigration Station which was used by the railroad as a railway station since the removal of the regular station to the town of Kettle Falls three … Continue reading

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