Going Wireless

There has to be people out there with wireless experience, and I need advice.

I have a cable modem (Charter) on the ground floor and want to go wireless. I have two Windows laptops (running Windows and Linux) and a Powerbook that I need to connect. The machines need to work on the ground floor or upstairs (wood frame construction). The Powerbook already has Airport support, but I need to purchase wireless cards for the two Windows laptops (both Dell machines). We’re also quite close to several electricity towers, which I am assuming will impact on signal.

Configuation: I am assuming that I would need to get a wireless router that connects to the cable modem, and then two PC wireless cards for the laptops. Does anyone have recommendations as to what to buy, or what I’ll need to do to get this working on all the machines?

I could move my cable modem upstairs and avoid costs of going wireless — there is a connection. However, the wiring is sub-standard and if the signal weakens I lose the connection (frequently). I don’t think the apartment complex really wants walls torn up to replace wiring at this time. My office is upstairs and I need to have consistent internet connection.

I would really appreciate any and all suggestions on this.

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