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Good and bad bits. First the good: I received my early Christmas present and am now the proud owner of a Netgear wireless router. Both Linksys and Netgear had good ratings and recommendations, but I found that Netgear was rated … Continue reading

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Big Dog Blues

I called my mother yesterday to wish her happy birthday. She told me that last Friday when she was out walking her two poodles, Amy and Crissy, a big dog ran through an open gate and attacked Amy. It got … Continue reading

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Happy All Hallows Eve

Today is my favorite holiday, Halloween. Forget reality for a day and be an astronaut if you want, against a backdrop of crisp fall weather, spiced apple cider, colorful leaves, and flickering lights stuffed into a gourd.

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Pot o’ Gold

Dark and difficult day and evening with much to work through. Walking around with a cloud over my head and rain in my eyes, and then I visit Shannon and I stumble on to a pot of gold. Lovely music. … Continue reading

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A Start Over

As with Chris this weblog could go dark around the 4th of November if I can’t get everything moved and set up at a new host quickly enough. I still don’t have a new host yet and a few I … Continue reading

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Going Wireless

There has to be people out there with wireless experience, and I need advice. I have a cable modem (Charter) on the ground floor and want to go wireless. I have two Windows laptops (running Windows and Linux) and a … Continue reading

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Can anybody hear me?

Anil Dash wrote about the battles he’s had with depression and encouraged other webloggers to discuss their own battles. Pretty gutsy thing to do, and smart — making good and healthy use of the increased exposure he received after his … Continue reading

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