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Commenting and cross-commenting associated with Mike Golby’s posting. Lots of words to get to core of the matter: Mike wants to discuss the issues without someone experiencing personal affront. He says that I am being defensive. I rant and rail … Continue reading

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Girlism Redux

Mike Golby wrote a posting that asks several very complex questions, leading to one stated goal: he wants to understand why I (and Dorothea) fight these battles about sexism and gender bias and equality, such as the one about girlism … Continue reading

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I, Victim

Each of us is capable of being a victim given the right circumstances. The only thing that saves us is learning to control a difficult time rather than let the time control us. This is something I learned when I … Continue reading

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We didn’t start the fire

I don’t normally link to these types of things, but I thought this Flash animation of We Didn’t Start the Fire was extremely well done. I like Billy Joel, and have always liked this song. Hearing it now, though, I … Continue reading

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The Burningbird Gallery

Not long ago, Ryan Irelan sent me a recommendation for some open source software to use to organize my photographs online. The software is called Gallery, a PHP-based, extremely easy to install and configure application that is free, though donations … Continue reading

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Yours in dissension

JF Cates writes at Blog Sisters: Do you expect to always have only positive feedback in your comments? Are you upset when someone disagrees with you, or questions your argument? Is blogging about patting those “just like us” on the … Continue reading

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Honor be not Proud

I watched the movie A Few Good Men tonight. If you haven’t seen it, it features Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, and Demi Moore in a story about the Marine Corps, murder, and, ultimately, the question of honor. Honor and the … Continue reading

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