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New Year: Universal Do Over

Jeneane Sessum isn’t particularly fond of New Year’s Eve, but she still looks for the positive within this year’s end: Beyond the obvious, I think about this place we’re building online. And I think 2002 was a year of a … Continue reading

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The story of the RSS Feeds and the little CC license that could

Again the consideration of exactly what it means to put an RSS feed online has reared its head. Specifically, Mitch Wagner found out that his RSS feed — which includes full posting content not excerpts — was re-published online at … Continue reading

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Best reasons not to Blog #1

Dorothea Salo isn’t blogging much today due to a house cleaning frenzy brought on by a photographer coming from the Chicago Tribute to photograph David because he’s being interviewed on Professor Tolkien’s eleventy-one birthday (David is the Elvish expert in … Continue reading

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Tiny steps and big leaps

Challenged by Clay Shirky, Ben Hammersley has created a special post to collect trackbacks related specifically to the LazyWeb. What is the LazyWeb? Well, do you have an idea and need help with technical implementation? Do you need specific functionality … Continue reading

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Good Enough

Mark Pilgrim does not believe in the Semantic Web. He believes Semantics is hard; that the syntax for the Semantic Web is laughably complex. Mark wants to stay with the “…simple but relatively well-defined semantics of HTML.” HTML is good … Continue reading

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My grandparents had a fruit

My grandparents had a fruit orchard and when I was a child, I would spend hours in and among the trees with my Grandfather. He was this quiet Welshman who loved growing things, be they fruit or hay or grandkids. … Continue reading

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It’s all angle brackets

In his recent post, Mark Pilgrim writes that he is amazed, bordering on appalled because of reaction to his posting about the CITE tag. I was a bit surprised myself because the posting wasn’t necessarily about revolutionary uses of technology. … Continue reading

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