My grandparents had a fruit

My grandparents had a fruit orchard and when I was a child, I would spend hours in and among the trees with my Grandfather. He was this quiet Welshman who loved growing things, be they fruit or hay or grandkids.

Among the orchard trees he had several cherry, which attracted birds as you can imagine. In particular, he had problems with robins, a bird known for its single-minded dedication to finding and consuming food. Including fruit. Grandfater read once that putting bits of tinfoil among the branches would scare the robins away, so one day we went out and tied circles of aluminum foil to the branches of the trees.

The tinfoil worked and we didn’t have any problems with the robins. However, the foil also attracted every crow for miles around, for whatever reason I don’t know.

Mark Pilgrim wrote a small posting on exploring the semantic richness of HTML. He demonstrated this by showing how his use of the cite tag to highlight citations, which he could then programatically pull from the code. And this touched off a flurry of interest.

Mark was surprised by the reaction to his posting. I was a bit surprised myself, not because of Mark’s writing, but because programatically pulling objects out of HTML has been a common practice for some time and many of the

Personally, I’m happy for all those angle brackets. If we didn’t have them we’d have something like PDF files, instead, and then all the web would be is lots of space filled with black holes.

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