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What are you going to do next?

Burningbird, in this last year you’ve argued with, debated, chastised, got angry at, made angry, slammed, criticized, and otherwise mixed it up with all the following fine people: Jeneane Sessum Dave Winer Head Lemur Dave Winer SFSU Blog Burst Mike … Continue reading

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Working on Techie Stuff

No blogging for me until the RDF book is finally finished. If it seems to be taking forever, it feels that way to me at times, too. However, there’s been many a change since I put fingers to keyboard for … Continue reading

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There’s something magical about seeing the first snow flake falling. At that moment, you and nature are joined in a special secret only shared by those who look out their windows at just the right moment. The first flakes are … Continue reading

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Glory Days: Thanks for all the Posts

Re-published from two years ago, and a pertinent lesson in how you should never say you quitting: you’re just taking a long break What a marvelous party this has been, and what wonderful people I’ve met, but it’s time, and … Continue reading

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He’s Alive!

I’m glad the ransome worked and my sweetie’s been returned. I thought we would never get him back, and would be forever tormented by page after page of soft-prOn, bizarre cryptic messages, Viking battle cries, and strange hints of nefarious … Continue reading

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Down the path walked three…

Since techie woman does not live by beating up on techie men, alone, I thought I would get outside, have a nice walk. Powder Valley was my choice of destination today, but in addition to the Ridge trail, I also … Continue reading

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Debate continues…?

Instead of writing a new post, I updated the Bombs away posting to reflect new view, opinions, what have you. I also gave my opinion of the Coders Only Club (COC), this tendency on the part of some elite technologists … Continue reading

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