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Email problems

I had email auto responding on and off this week and just found out today that it was not forwarding emails on to me. Continue reading

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The Sun’s always Shining Somewhere

If you’ve never had a chance to see Farrago’s photographs, you need to take some time, now, and look around; especially if you’re in the northern hemisphere and facing snow, sleet, and frozen rain like we had in St. Louis today. The sunny, warm, and brightly colored pictures from Sea Point are more than enough to make you feel absolutely toasty. Continue reading

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What did you do to fight the war, Daddy?

Lest you all think that we in America speak in the same voice as Bush, and lest you all think that we America are doing little to fight this upcoming war in Iraq, think again. Continue reading

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Month, Day, Year — Oh My!

Being the pain in the butt, annoyance, and general irritant that I am, I thought I would make things worse. It’s part of my philosophy that if you push things enough, either it blows totally, in which case we’ll at least have an interesting afternoon; or everyone collapses into laughter, poking gentle fun at each other’s font choice. Continue reading

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MT Gets Creative and becomes Common

I imagine this will increase the use of Creative Commons licenses all over the place, because there’s nothing that bloggers like more than pushing little buttons to see what happens. This is unfortunate, not because I want to actively encourage people to “steal” from the public domain by maintaining their copyright; but because people won’t be thinking about the consequences of pushing said little button Continue reading

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And Wonders never cease

I know the mundane tale of migration from the southern states to the north, and St. Louis being just one stop along the way, but I’d rather not hear about reasons or science. Just let me sit here at my window, as I watch the birds fly back and forth, and laugh at my poor cat cowering under the table because there are too many birds even for her. Continue reading

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Your opinion and the relevance of things

As understanding as I should have been with my friend. Continue reading

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