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Thoughts on the State of the Union

I am not a political analyst, nor am I an economic, foreign policy, or environmental expert. I’m not going to make any pretense of being any of these — something that happens all to often in weblogs. I am a citizen of the country giving my views and opinions of what I heard, based on what I know. Continue reading

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Burningbird’s State of the Union Address

Make jobs not war Continue reading

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Who is Ray, and why is he on my book?

I’ve always been partial to Amazon, but as an author I have to say that the company’s data systems suck.

For instance, if you search on my name, “Shelley Powers”, you’ll find several of my books, such as Essential Blogging, Unix Power Tools 3rd edition, and so on. However, you’ll also find me on a few other computer books I’ve either never been involved with, or only peripherally involved with. Continue reading

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Grand Idea #102

Yes, that’s my grand idea for today: I think the W3C should hire me as the Enforcer. The person who goes around and whacks a white coat in the head everytime they start to get a Grand Idea. Continue reading

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Becoming one with the MT Pod People

When taking a break from working on the book, I’m slowly moving my content over to Movable Type management. While doing so, I’m taking the opportunity to update everything to XHTML 1.0 strict, as well as being CSS2 compliant. Continue reading

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Lessons from the Tortoise

There’s this pile in front of me, it’s got a large sign that reads, “Things Shelley can’t control” and the pile is big. Huge. However, if I stop focusing on it, fixating on it, and open my eyes and look around, there’s a smaller pile over to the side and a little to the back and it has a tiny sign that reads, “Things Shelley can control”. I’m going to get up and move my butt over to sit in front of this pile, and put the Big Pile of stuff I can’t control behind me. I’m not going to look at because there’s nothing I can do about it. Continue reading

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More than a little envy?

I envy Halley. Not the Alpha Male stuff, which I see more as tongue-in-cheek. She connects with people, as if the weblogging medium is a clay that she can mold and extend from the page. Jeneane’s kindness aside, this is something I don’t do. Even at my most intimate, I am not intimate. Chances are very good that l will never meet other webloggers, or only a few. My connectivity with all of you will be through these pages, through these words, which I wrap around myself like a soft, warm comforter in a cold night. Continue reading

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