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From the ashes came the re-born, born dying

I have to return to Baldur’s posting, Death of the Blogger, and his discussions about the dangers of memes, those Thought-viruses, which have undermined the craft of academia (referencing, research, analysis and debate) and doomed most of academic practice into irrelevance. The same memes that Baldur sees threatening weblogging… Continue reading

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Can’t sleep might as well write

I gave up on trying to sleep and since I was in a writing mood I thought I would put my sleeplessness to good effect.

I was interviewed by Newsweek yesterday for a story on weblogging. Continue reading

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Checking in

Thanks for well wishing. The suggestion of tea was a good one, but unfortunately I can’t drink any acidic juice such as OJ, as it hurts my throat more than a little. Continue reading

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Sometimes you feel like RDF, sometimes you don’t

Semaview came out with this illustrated RDF vs XML graphic showing the ‘differences’ between RDF and XML. At least one assumes this is the purpose of a graph so titled. This might be confusing for some people that assume RDF … Continue reading

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Down for the Count

I thought I was lucky, getting only a mild case of flu and missing out on the misery Steve and AKMA and Halley and others have endured. I found out this morning that what I had this weekend was nothing more than a precursor for the real thing. Continue reading

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Domain for Sale

A quick note — Tim Hadley wrote a very detailed careful analysis of the Creative Commons license from the perspective of webloggers in general, Movable Type specifically. In particular the section that relates to the permanence of a CC license … Continue reading

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Google is not God, Webloggers are not Capital-J Journalists, the only thing emerging is my fear of war, and a headache

Though my opinion will not be shared by the majority of those who read this, I greatly appreciated the article appearing in the BBC News, Is Google too Powerful. Not only did the writer, Bill Thompson, challenge this continuing nonsense about webloggers ‘replacing’ mainstream Captital-J Journalism, he also exposed the falsity of the godhood with which Google is treated… Continue reading

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