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All I want is a server of my own…

My two year weblogging anniversary is coming up, April 2nd. Two years ago on that day, I signed up for a Manila account at, though I took a hiatus in the middle of the year due to my divorce and subsequent move to San Francisco. Some of the entries have been deleted but some are still there in October and November. Continue reading

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Variations on a nasty theme

Not long after I went to bed last night, my friendly neighborhood spammer changed the name he was using while sending his or her virus-laden emails and I woke this morning to 803 new emails with variations of failed delivery, thanks for signing up, and messages of rejection due to the presence of a virus. Continue reading

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Getting hammered

Someone used a fake email address from my ‘’ domain to send a huge spam emailing and I’m getting hammered with email rejections and mail delivery system failures. Continue reading

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Morphing URLs

I signed up at to manage my blogroll, and you can the results in this page. Scroll down and you’ll see the ten most recently active webloggers in my virtual neighborhood. Click the “more…” link and you’ll go to my Blogroll page… Continue reading

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I’m not going to say it…

Unfortunately, I came down with the same flu that’s hit so many others. This and a nasty snow storm that just blew in are conspiring to keep me from my much needed walks and explorations, dammit. So I might as well work on the edits for Practical RDF, and some tech tweaks around here. Continue reading

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On Writing

I know I said this once before, but it’s worth repeating: Mama don’t let your babies grow up to be writers. Once you step over the line from being a writer who lives to write to being a writer who … Continue reading

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Amazons raise your shields on high

The argument about women in combat and whether women being in charge would prevent war is somewhat mute because several times in the past, societies have been matriarchal, and many times, women have been the primary ruler. And we still have war. There is no sex-related war gene. There is only cultural indoctrination… Continue reading

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