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Being Intellectually Divorced

I spent the day today talking about the war in Iraq and possible solutions, about protests and voices. But behind all of this has been the disappointment of hearing people chastise the peace movement — dismissive statements about self-indulgent moralizing. … Continue reading

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Unification in Message

Steve responds to weblog postings today by me and Jonathon and Dorothea with an acknowledgement that there does need to be long range planning on the part of the peace movement, as with any movement. He writes: What I am … Continue reading

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Received in email in response to this: Dear Shelley, We are in support of our troops in the Middle East with a program to send hours of Y98 on CD to soldiers. We are also airing station ID’s with snippets … Continue reading

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Elegant Despair

Jonathon writes: Dave adds: “I just hope we’re up to this challenge. With the right leadership, I’m sure we could be. I’m not at all confident we have the right leadership.” We don’t have the right leadership. To put it … Continue reading

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I am a Peaceblog

Mark posted a list of ‘peaceblogs’ at his weblog. This most likely follows from Doc Searls and his “where are all the peaceblogs” earlier in the month. What Mark doesn’t realize, and Doc didn’t realize, is that all of us … Continue reading

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Baby, Walk the Walk

D responded quickly to my little nudgeback earlier. And she’s sticking by her guns: But, dang it, this time I am not wrong. Good on you, Dorothea. I like people who stand their ground. I rarely do so it’s very … Continue reading

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Comments Redux

I’ve decided to re-enable comments for the weblog. Too quiet. At least the comment spams are a variation on the other email spam I get, and warblog baiting could become a favorite game of mine. As for comments and their … Continue reading

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