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Too much noise, too much chatter

A weblog I’ve been following forever is Dan Lyke’s Flutterby. Dave Winer pointed out an item at the Weblog User’s online discussion forum where Dan mentions that he’s been having problems with comments lately: I always thought I wanted a … Continue reading

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Now, what were those requirements?

In a puckish piece of provocative titling, Dorothea boldy flings Why Software doesn’t Work out into the midst of a group of bloggers who are guaranteed to fall upon it, like ravenous dogs on a poor, defenseless baby bunny. If … Continue reading

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Forests I have Loved

As beautiful as Austerlitz is, it is a difficult tale based on the holocaust and leaves one filled with a sense of sad melancholy. This mood has only been enhanced by the essays of Woolf and Dillard, though, again, beautiful … Continue reading

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Broken Tongue

I received two emails addressed to a group of people today and with both I managed to antagonize someone; in the first by attempting a joke that seems to have bombed, and in the second by assuming the email that … Continue reading

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Death of a Moth

moth.jpg Years ago I worked in a large modern building with dark grey glass doors and windows. One morning when I was out smoking, I noticed a bright spot on the wall next to the door — a white moth, with soft, furry body and silvery antennae. It was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, delicate and fragile, highlighted by the darkness of the glass and granite building. It was held there against the wall by a grip frozen in death. Continue reading

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Two years of weblogging

This week I’ve had a weblog for two years. Two years — not necessarily one of the old timers, but not one of the new babes, either. I’m a middle aged blogger. That’s a lowering thought. Continue reading

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Comment Free Writing

I don’t think there’s a person that hasn’t pushed weblog commenting more than myself. The conversations, the discussions, the fun we’ve had has been a treat and a joy and a revelation. Lately though, I’m finding that comments are a mixed blessing. I’ve had a lot of problems with anonymous posters, particularly nasty anonymous posters. (Don’t bother looking for them — I’ve deleted most of them, and blocked their IPs.) In addition, the comment spammers have been stopping by daily now, not to mention the folks getting here on Google and saying the most bizarre stuff. Continue reading

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