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I get excited at the thought of school and then the cold hard reality of what school means sets in: sitting in small seats in stuffy rooms, taking tests, writing papers, financial paperwork, and the other assorted sundry less positive … Continue reading

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Or I could study Linguistics

What better way to get to the root of humanity’s global unconciousness than studying linguistics. Combine this with humanity’s earliest attempts at communication and one can find the true root of male and female interaction, as explored in Cave Linguistica … Continue reading

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The Desks are the same, but the Apples are different

It’s not unusual nowadays for older people to return to school when faced with long periods of unemployment, profound changes in their lives, and/or redundancy in their field. In the past, many of these people have gone into the computer … Continue reading

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Bloggers Unlimited

Bloggers Unlimited — now twenty-five members strong. Because webloggers can never have too many places to write…

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Canceled Move

I’ve canceled the move to the new server and have renewed the site here at Hosting Matters while I think what best next to do. Hosting Matters responded very quickly to ensure that this site is maintained, so other than … Continue reading

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Storm Closin’ In

They’ve issued a damaging hail warning, but it may not get this far. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before Golden Girl looks like metallic swiss cheese. But, oh, I love these storms.

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Storm a brewin’

I will never tire of the storms here. As long as I don’t have to drive through them, watching them, feeling them, smelling them is a wonder. An absolute wonder. I actually felt and smelled this storm before looking out … Continue reading

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