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I’m going shopping!

This weekend I have the very real pleasure of shopping around for a new host, thanks to the generosity of friends. I am blown away by the support I’ve received, and hope you all won’t regret it because the fire’s back and I’m feeling hotter than ever. Continue reading

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My life as a t-shirt

One of the boxes I brought back contained my t-shirt collection — a set of t-shirts that I’ve collected from various events over the last several years, but have never worn. If I had to put together a curriculum vitae, I would do so by taking photos of each of my shirts, putting them into a PDF album to be printed or attached to an email. Continue reading

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Winer Number?

Well, I used to mix it up with Dave fairly regularly but haven’t since I reached a surfeit on discussing RSS and RDF’s evil influence on it. According to Mark’s criteria, I’ve been ‘personally abused’ in group and personal emails, in my comments, in online forums including the RSS Development forum, and in his weblog, though the entries are usually pulled. I don’t beat out Bill Kearney for number of times hit by The Man, but I probably am the top rated, or should I say lowest Winer number, woman. Continue reading

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Trip Report — Why traveling through the mountains in April is a Bad Idea

I have a couple of essays to post this weekend once I transcribe them from my paper journal to digital. But in the meantime, I thought I would post a pic or two from San Fran, as well as write about the trip home. Continue reading

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So much to say

I’m not one to ask for monetary help. I’ve always taken rather arrogant pride in paying for my own web server and in providing web space for others. What I’ve forgotten in my pride is that help from friends when it’s needed is about the best gift one can ever receive and give in return — it’s a true two-way gift. Virtual or ‘real’ friend, doesn’t matter — Jonathon’s the absolute best to start this drive, and you’re all the best to help. Continue reading

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Special, special friends

This trip was an important time for me to get away and think without the distraction of the phone, the television, and especially the computer. At the end of it I discovered I didn’t lose my interest in technology (not gone, just dormant, wanting a nice vacation), my deep love and need of writing, and especially, writing to this weblog. It’s become an odyssey for me, and one I didn’t want to give up. This was something that’s occupied my mind considerably today, and now I won’t have to give it up, thanks to Jonathon and his lovely effort, and to those who contributed bucks and/or good wishes. Continue reading

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Blogging by the Bay

I’m sitting in an Internet cafe overlooking the Bay trying to clean up an inordinate amount of email, most of it junk. Notice to friends, one an all — when did it become a regular thing to send emails out … Continue reading

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