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On the lighter side…

Mr. Golby took time out from his *site redesign to stop by and leave a comment, but the comment window caused his browser to freeze. Have others of you experienced this problem? Opening the comment window causing your browser to … Continue reading

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Quiet Photos

Euan Semple was recently on holiday in Wales, posting a single photo on his return. I asked for more photos since my maternal grandfather is Welsh, and Euan came through with some wonderful photos. Thank you Euan. .

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Quiet Times

My nephew’s graduation was today but I decided not to drive over to it. This last week was a long week, capped off with my roommate receiving some very difficult news last night. It will be a quiet weekend this … Continue reading

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The Price you Pay

There’s a price you pay to be a part of this virtual neighborhood, and it’s the little bits of connectivity broken when one member or another goes silent for a time — maybe forever. When I didn’t have the money … Continue reading

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Server update

I just put in for a quote on a dedicated server, hopefully running Linux 8.0. The plan is to add the following software: Python 2.2 Tomcat – limited use since this is a CPU hog Perl 5.8 PHP 4.x Apache … Continue reading

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Weblog Standards

I’m tired tonight, but Anil asked a fair question and I wanted to try to write a fair answer. He wrote in my comments: Shelley, just curious: (honestly, not being sarcastic) what standards body do you think would be appropriate … Continue reading

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Harvard Support?

Dave Winer uses his Harvard weblog, and we assume the clout and prestige of his Harvard position, to push the weblogging industry into backing his versions of both RSS and a Weblogging MetaAPI. There’s already been discussion about Winer taking … Continue reading

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