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Kicking the Baby Squirrels, again

I received an email from Kevin Marks, one of the new members of the Wayward Weblogger Co-op this morning about a posting Steven Den Beste wrote. It would seem that a person running a small hosting service is in violation … Continue reading

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If you can read this…

… you’re seeing the weblog pages at the new Burningbird Network Co-op. Rock n’ Roll

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Internet For Poets: DNS — What’s in a Name?

“What do you call yourself?” the Fawn said at last. Such a soft sweet voice it had! “I wish I knew!” thought poor Alice. She answered, rather sadly, “Nothing, just now.” “Think again,” it said: “that won’t do.” Alice thought, … Continue reading

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Pics, Stuff

I spent most of the weekend on the server, but also some time on the essay “Internet for Poets: DNS — what’s in a name”. I must finish this tomorrow because the thing is beginning to look like a book. … Continue reading

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Server Status

I have hit a roadblock in the server setup, specifically wildcard DNS entries (to allow things such as,, and so on), as well as sendmail issues and external email. Everything else seems to be set but that sendmail … Continue reading

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Time Warp

With all good intentions I go on these walks along the Katy Trail determined that I’m going to walk to a specific point, turn around and head back to the car and get home at a reasonable time. But then … Continue reading

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Reverse Spin

I just sent my last edit of the proofs to Simon for the Practical RDF book, which means I’m finished with the writing. Put a fork into me my babies and call me done! Well, I still have to set … Continue reading

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