And now more FOAF

I’m not going to turn this into a mirror for all things FOAF, but I did want to point out an excellent article by Dan Brickley about pages about people.

I’m glad that Dan made the ‘not wanting to go there’ point when it comes to writing testimonials, or even implying trust, within FOAF. If I seem as if I’m picking on FOAF lately, it isn’t due to Dan or Leigh’s effort, or the effort of anyone else connected with FOAF. As a way to provide information about ourselves, FOAF is great. My concern arises with the added semantics being attached to ‘knows’, the implications of ‘mapped’ social networks, and how this can quickly turn from a cute and cuddly new kitten into a tiger and bite us all in the butt if we’re not careful.

However, something like FOAF being used to provide information about people within Jabber, per this weblog entry is a very good thing.
BLOG NAME: Bill Kearney
TITLE: She loves RDF! She hates RDF!
DATE: 07/30/2003 10:07:31 AM
I’ve a lot of respect for the things Shelley’s contributed over time. Her contributions to the unix book are something…

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