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Semantic Web for Poets: FOAF, Flocking, and the Semantics of Starlings

This is the first entry in the Semantic Web for Poets series of essays. It’s housed in Burningbird until I can get the For Poets web sites completed. No harm in housing these essays here temporarily; after all, it’s only … Continue reading

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Semantics of Starlings

I moved the original article, “Semantic Web for Poets: FOAF, Flocking, and Semantic Starlings” over to the Practical RDF weblog. I’ll post most of the Semantic Weblog/RDF essays there from this point on — or to the For Poets site … Continue reading

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On Context and RDF

Today in Burningbird Context and Meaning and the debate between Tim Berners-Lee and Pat Hayes about the true meaning behind a URI. (As noted in Kendall Clark’s new article and my own view.) —–

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Danny’s on at

Hey, I’m not so caught up in the debate excitement that I’m going to fail to note Danny Ayers first article, “Extending RSS”. Congrats, Danny! Excellent read.

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Context and Meaning

In the comments to FOAF Girl!, Joseph Duemer wrote: The idea that a link represents “friendship” is so bizarre it had to come from some geek’s stunted view of social relations. A link is an association, the literary sense of … Continue reading

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Welcome Sign

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