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Shinto Commandments?

Long day and I’m working on some things that will take me away from the weblog until next week. Not the least of which is wanting to attend the Japanese Festival at the Botanical Gardens this weekend, thanks to the … Continue reading

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Shy Globe of War

I tried to capture an image of Mars last night, but the fates weren’t with me and the globe seemed elusive. I could see it in the telescope but it was a dull yellow pink in color, not the vibrant … Continue reading

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Fool you Fool you

I never thought I would get to the point of welcoming emails offering to enlarge either my penis or breasts, to set me up with a single in my area, to show me girls with big boobies, or my friends … Continue reading

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Jena Week: Final Examples

I converted the rest of the Jena1 examples to Jena2 without any major reworking being necessary. At the end of this post is a zipped file of all of the Java source that you can download, use to start your … Continue reading

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You know you should buy a lottery ticket when…

You’re at the Department of Motor Vehicles, renewing your license plate tags, when outside a car whose brake wasn’t set correctly starts rolling towards your little golden girl, picking up speed as it rolled downhill only… …only to hit a … Continue reading

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Starry Starry Night

As Sheila and Jerry have mentioned, this week Mars is closer to our planet than at any other time in the last 60,000 years. In anticipation of a couple of night time field trips this week to see the ruby … Continue reading

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Danger, Will Robinson: That Social Thing

In the comments to the last post, Julian wrote: Like you and others, I’m extremely uncomfortable with the tendency of the FOAF insiders to publish details in their FOAF files about people they “know”. At the most trivial level this … Continue reading

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