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Danger, Will Robinson: Part 2

In the previous post, I mentioned concerns with the current FOAF activity. I’ll detail these here. Concern 1: Including a person’s Myers Briggs classification as a property in FOAF. We’re already hearing people saying that they want to ‘look up’ … Continue reading

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Danger, Will Robinson

I’m finishing up the rest of the conversions between the book examples and Jena2, but I thought I would branch into vocabularies for a moment. I think the home page for FOAF is about the best designed and easily understood … Continue reading

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Waiting for Prosperity

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Coming home from the park tonight, I had the windows rolled down to catch the evening breezes, and the music cranked loud, enjoying being out of the house and away from the computer. I was on autopilot, not really paying … Continue reading

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I don’t normally mark that an entry has been edited; however, I added much to clarify the focus of this essay between writing it last night, when I was tired and discouraged and this morning’s clarity, born of resolve and … Continue reading

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A Little Rageboy is Essential

Sometimes when you have a Really Bad Day, like I’ve had today, a little phone call from a friend can make all the difference in the world. And when that friend is Chris Locke, aka Rageboy, that little phone call … Continue reading

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Blindsiding and Forward Thinking

When Sam Ruby invited me into an IRC chat last week to talk about creating a compliant RDF/XML syntax for Pie/Echo/Atom, I wasn’t aware that there was an agenda behind this effort. It wasn’t until Sam published the full model … Continue reading

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