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Crescent Moon

AKMA’s a host at one of the BloggerCon dinners, which means that he leads a table of people in a discussion on a subject that I guess he sets. It sounds a bizarre custom and confining, but if I were … Continue reading

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Oh Hiatus

Due to life interventions in the nature of things going bump in the night, this weblog and support site for Practical RDF are on hiatus. My apologies if you’ve come here seeking semantic goodness and RDF practicalities ; know that … Continue reading

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Pushing Buttons and Pulling Out

Originally I wasn’t going to give the name of the person I would vote for in the Democratic Primary. To be honest, I didn’t care that much as long as they were a candidate that could beat Bush. Still, with … Continue reading

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These shoes are walking

I completed another item from my overdue To Do list, Walking in Simon’s Shoes, this one in the Practical RDF weblog. If I keep this up, I’ll be caught up on promised items by week end and will have nothing … Continue reading

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Walking in Simon’s Shoes

The editor for my book, Practical RDF, was Simon St. Laurent, well known and respected in XML circles. Some might think it strange that a person who isn’t necessarily fond of RDF and especially RDF/XML, edit a book devoted to … Continue reading

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First Entry: Linux for Poets

Finally, long and overdue, the first entry in Linux for Poets: “Once upon a time Unix used to be for geeks only — the platform of choice for godlike SysAdmins and obsessed hackers who muttered strange phrases and giggled over … Continue reading

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Image of a Different Kind

Lovely storm rolling through — more like ones we get in the Spring than the Fall. In addition to the very welcome encouragement in the comments to my previous posting, I’m also getting some good discussion about photos and resolution … Continue reading

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