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Your photos are beautiful…

Edited, but tiny edits, little changes, no more than mouse nibbles at the edges of the original thoughts. Thank you for sending your query to ____________ magazine. Your photographs are beautiful! The magazine has not published photo essays in the … Continue reading

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The RDF vocabulary used throughout the examples for Practical RDF is PostCon, example here, a Post Content information dataset. The plan was that I would finish the book and then finish a Java implementation of PostCon, the application, using PostCon, … Continue reading

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Yesterday I went to the Meramec State Park to hike and continue my reaquaintence with my film camera. As I pulled off the freeway to Highway 185, I saw a semi blocking the road in both directions, hit by another … Continue reading

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Truly Understanding Censorship

Sheila points to a nicely written how-to on newspapers having weblogs. This was spurred, in no small part, from the tempest in a teapost about Dan Weintraub and the Sacramento Bee’s new policy about editorial review of his weblog. Many … Continue reading

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Amazing what you can find online

Dave Winer mentions a contribution he made to Boston’s NPR affiliate, WBUR. He’s curious, though, about the salaries of the folks, such as the general Manager Jane Christo’s pay: How do I call in and ask questions on the air? … Continue reading

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A kinder, gentler slashdot…and friends

Today Practical RDF was reviewed at Slashdot, a fact I found out when some kind souls warned me of the fact so that I might prepare for the hordes marching in. However, Slashdot book reviews usually don’t generate the server … Continue reading

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Slashdot Review of Book

Dorothea just sent me a heads up that Practical RDF has been reviewed at Slashdot. All in all, a nice review and I appreciate the author, Brian Donovan writing it. In fact, all the reviews I’ve read — at O’Reilly, … Continue reading

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