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Be Afraid…be very afraid

qB, in Red or Dead aka How to Kill grey squirrels: I find my antipathy to our grey furry red-genocidal disease-toting verminous arborial cockroaches is not unique. There’s even a National Squirrel Awareness Week site with imaginative suggestions from readers … Continue reading

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Fraud, Fiction, and Flaws

Visiting Scovil’s web site to once again look at and admire his photographs of minerals, I discovered the name of the green mystery mineral I discussed yesterday. It’s Vivianite. It’s not a perfect sample, but at least it’s not blackened … Continue reading

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Don’t Search on Me

Following on the heels of the recent excitement about searching within pages of books at Amazon, there’s now a growing backlash against this facility from, among others, the Author’s Guild. According to Volokh Conspiracy and numerous publications, such as Ziff-Davis … Continue reading

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On the Rocks

I spent yesterday taking photos of my rocks for the auction, but I’m never going to get this job finished if I spend all day and only have a few photographs for my effort. I can’t help myself, though — … Continue reading

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Diet Cherry Coke

I splurged this weekend and purchased 20 rolls of film from B & H, a photo supply shop I’ve used for years. I think most people who are into photography in this country, and even internationally, are familiar with B … Continue reading

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It’s all about Circles

Today I learned how to get ahead with the men in technology and tech weblogging circles. I’ve also learned how to get ahead with today’s new ‘woman in technology’, too. Continue reading

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Pulled Post

I pulled a post earlier that had comments. It was an issue that should have been addressed offline. All I can say is my post was triggered by my extreme surprise, and, frankly, a great deal of hurt and feeling … Continue reading

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