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Today was cold but clear and I had to get out of the house or implode. Exploring around at the Missouri State Parks site I discovered a park not far from my home that I hadn’t been to before — … Continue reading

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Sudden Flurry but No Fish

Well, there was a sudden flurry of activity at the very end of the auction, but the reserve price wasn’t met. It came very, very close though. But not close enough. Not sure how I feel about that. As you … Continue reading

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Auction Excitement

Things are heating up at the auction now that it’s getting down to the last few hours. Of course, the reserved price still hasn’t been met but I’ve been getting some serious questions about the collection. Now that it looks … Continue reading

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Time for a Cat Picture

Zoe always knows when I’m uptight or stressed. She will either wrap her body around my foot or jump up into my lap for some serious head butting. When I hold her close, she makes contented little grunting noises and … Continue reading

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MT Security Hole

If you’re using Movable Type, you need to be aware of a new security hole in the current installations with the mt-send-entry.cgi part of the application. This is detailed at the Movable Type site, but basically, comment spammers can use … Continue reading

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FileZilla Gotcha

Enough with the BS, let’s talk something useful. I found this last week that Filezilla 2.2.1b (and earlier versions) will truncate files when uploading several directories at a time. I discovered this first when I found the file was … Continue reading

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Wearing a Polite and Conciliatory Mask

Edited I woke this morning at 3:30 and I was determined that at least for the next four days, I was not going to make anyone angry, or hurt, or disappointed. While most of my fellow webloggers from the USA … Continue reading

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