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My Favorite Photo

My favorite photo is not one that I’ve taken, and it isn’t the work of the many wonderful photographers who I’ve been exposed to, online or off. No, it was a photo on the front of a postcard sent to … Continue reading

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Borrowing a Page from Wood s as Thanks

I found a page that lists several literary magazines and publications and over the last month or so have been skipping about among the entries, checking out each publication. One such is the The Diarist’s Journal, a revival of a … Continue reading

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Men on Harleys

If I seem cranky in my recent posts, I am a bit but that’s just because in the last few days I have had some discomfort in my teeth/jaw/sinus, as well as my foot. These are two areas of the … Continue reading

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Irony Sweet Blissful Irony

After writing the post about Jeneane and her COBRA going up and then heading off to the doctor, I came and found a letter from the company who I have COBRA through — my medical and dental insurance premiums have … Continue reading

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I missed this

When I started reading references to the FBI and its new spying tactics, I assumed it had to do with the FBI spying on protestors against the Iraq war. I didn’t realize there was a second story, this one about … Continue reading

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Being Healthy or Rich

Being an independent today is not too viable an option, primarily because of corporate malfeasance, but also, indirectly, because the government in this country doesn’t support it. For instance, most companies won’t hire an self-employed person because of the infamous … Continue reading

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No Worries

I rarely get the poetry writing bug, preferring to expose others’ excellent work when I do my poetry-photography pairs. I loved the pic, though, and couldn’t find a poem to fit it for the life of me. (Well, that’s really … Continue reading

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