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Wishing you Simple Joys in 2004

Thank you for you this year. Thank you for sharing your life, hopes, interests, milestones, beautiful writing, wonderous images, your tears and your giggles. Thank you for stopping by and giving me the most important gift we can give each … Continue reading

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RSS Stuff

Time to take a break from photos and philosophy, and feed the machine. I have a file that maintains a list of 404 accesses, and the URL where the missing resource access originated. The file most accessed is the old … Continue reading

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Borders, Boundaries, and Birds

edited Walking along the Riverway walk in San Antonio, I ended up at a large set of steps where a member of a local conservation group was introducing a golden eagle to the crowd. While she was talking with people, … Continue reading

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Burning Bright

Got home a bit ago after driving 16 hours from San Antonio. Trip was relatively uneventful and the weather was fairly decent after some early rain in Texas, late rain in Missouri. Clear enough to know when I was at … Continue reading

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Remember the Alamo, Remember the Facade

Today was a day on foot rather than in car, and I’m feeling the difference tonight. However, my mission to San Antonio was a success and I was able to get a photo of the Alamo facade. It’s for a … Continue reading

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San Antonio

I left San Diego at a reasonable time Christmas day and ran into the storm in the hills that ended up causing the southern California mud slides. Along the way I could see the extensive fire damage, so am not … Continue reading

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Now, this is a Doorway

My internal clock is all screwed up, and went to bed about 8 and now it’s 3 in the morning and I’m wide awake. The hotel I’m staying at in San Diego does have high speed internet access that actually … Continue reading

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