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Lighter than Air

I arrived at LA yesterday at 11AM and California threw a party. Lots of rattling and rolling. Drive to San Francisco was rush hour the entire distance between the two cities. I cancelled my plans to drive 101 tomorrow due … Continue reading

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Houses Dark and Shuttered

Out on errands tonight I noticed how few lights there were about this year, how few homes seem decorated for the Christmas season. Last year at this time, you could easily know you were in the midst of a town … Continue reading

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Both my mineral collection and the items I had in my unit in San Francisco sold this last week while I was out of town. The mineral collection in particular is going to a very good home. In fact, one … Continue reading

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Works for Me

Edited Two political items from Sheila Lennon: First this, on single women and our voting power: “Never-married, divorced or widowed women constitute a whopping 20 percent of the electorate and 42 percent of all registered women voters. In the 2000 … Continue reading

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RDF Specifications Recommended

W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of the Resource Description Framework (RDF) to Proposed Recommendation. Relieved more like it as these long awaited specifications finally reach the “proposed recommended” state, one short step before becoming formal recommendations. These documents … Continue reading

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I am in the midst of travels, just completed one trip, about to head out on another. I hadn’t planned on writing to the weblog during these trips except that I heard from a friend who asked if I was … Continue reading

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It’s not a doorway but…

I have been reading about the snowstorm in New England, and hearing about snowfalls of several feet, which can take forever to recover from in cities; especially Boston with its narrow streets and parked cars. However, Boston is only three … Continue reading

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