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Say Hello to the Nice Lady with the Camera

As I was wandering about the River Walk in San Antonio, I would pass restaurants along the way, glancing down at the happy groups of friends and family as they enjoyed the pleasant weather and each other’s companies. The sight … Continue reading

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Archives: Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach in Oregon is one of my favorite places, and I have several photos in my archives from stays there. I’ll try to space them out because after seeing several, I’m sure there’s a sameness about them. When we … Continue reading

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Archives: Eagle

It is a bitterly cold day today. I am restless, and want to get out of the house, go on a hike and admire the frozen streams and snow. Fly free, not hobble about. But I have duties today, including … Continue reading

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Best use of Wiki Technology

…is the World66 site, with readers being able to easily add and update travel information. All sites that focus on a location or travel or both should consider the use of this technology for all or part of their sites. … Continue reading

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A Mixed Sort of Day

Today has been a mixed sort of day, with sparkling diamond bright highs, and lows that fall comfortably into those shadowed areas of disappointment that are, oddly enough, beautiful in their dark, somber way. I think this is my way … Continue reading

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Bet you can’t eat just one

For decades, government policies have allowed large amounts of underbrush and small trees to collect at the base of our forests. The motivations of this approach were good. But our failure to maintain the forests has had dangerous consequences and … Continue reading

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From the Archives

I have been scanning old negatives, many of which are starting to deteriorate, years earlier than I expected. The trouble with color film is that over time, the color fades and the film gets grainer and the picture can begin … Continue reading

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