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Sanctity of Marriage-Let’s go all the way

If we’re going to have an amendment to the Constitution to ensure the sanctity of marriage by denying gays the right to marry, then I think it’s only fair that we do a good job of it: let’s make divorce … Continue reading

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Denying Gay Rights

President Bush just came out with support for a Constitutional Amendment to ban same-sex marriage. I don’t think anyone is surprised about this — it suits Bush’s religious agenda, and it should satisfy those who can’t leave others alone. Make … Continue reading

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The Evil that is Ashcroft

I have no comments to make after reading this article. Mike’s Link Blog copied an article about Ashcroft, John Ashcroft’s Patriot Games by Judith Bacharach, in its entirey, from Vanity Fair. Before the magazine moves to have him remove it, … Continue reading

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Ralph Nader: Unsafe at any speed

I’ve never been a huge fan of Ralph Nader. Of course, some of this is explained by my long ago engagement with a man who was an ardent member of the Seattle Corvair club. Nader didn’t kill the Corvair — … Continue reading

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Travel now, while I have the chance

I have seen the light brothers and sisters! I have seen the errors of my ways. That’s not smog — that’s just God’s heavenly mist, sent to give us pretty sunsets. Continue reading

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Life in Missouri

In which Shelley dreams the impossible dream and forewarns the Australians that they should be afraid. Very afraid. Continue reading

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For those who inhabit the empty spaces of the coloring book

This is a ten photo essay. My suggestions to ensure your reading enjoyment are that you go to the bathroom first, and then grab either a cup of coffee or a beer to drink while you make it through. If you’re accessing this from a modem, it should load by next Tuesday. Wednesday at the latest.

Oh, yeah. It’s about gay marriage. I knew I almost forgot something. Continue reading

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