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Photography as Maze

Towards the end of 2001 I started posting photos from my walks or explorations of my neighborhood, using my new digital camera. And though I was pleased at the photos of Yosemite Park, or the Embarcadero and the Golden Gate … Continue reading

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But I like the Box Better

When I started this weblog three years ago, it was a continuation of my web site that I’ve had since 1995. As such, it focused primarily on technology, with an occasional aside into science or art or literature. I started … Continue reading

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Gimme plenty of this and that but hold the burn cuz I forgot the antacid

My three year weblogging anniversary is on April 5th, I believe. I can’t exactly remember the day and the old weblog, an old hosted Manila weblog, has long since gone from lack of updates. But the 5th is close enough. … Continue reading

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Walker Evans: Real need is a Personal Thing

edited I’ve spent the last week reading about the photographer Walker Evans. The more I read, the more I understand why I like his photos so much, and will have more to say on this later. There are some excellent … Continue reading

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Spring didn’t gradually intrude this year; it exploded in a verdant flood, blossom-bedecked and ready to roll. The bird tree on the corner, visible from my window went from naked limbs and buds to full flower to green leaves in … Continue reading

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All or Nothing

I was going to write a long essay on connection and communication and use photos I have of blossoms from the Magnolia tree, which I call the “all or nothing” tree because the blossoms are there one moment, gone the … Continue reading

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TypeKey: Final Act

Edited Six Apart has released its pre-launch’ FAQ about TypeKey, and everything I expected about the service has been confirmed. I have no doubts that when MT 3.0 releases, we’ll see masses of people rush to enable TypeKey in their … Continue reading

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