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Day at the Gardens Two

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Day at the Gardens One

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Second Funniest Comment this week

was in the Register story whereby Andrew Orlowski was accused of being the infamous London Call Girl blogger, belle de jour: “I’m shocked, shocked – to find a conspiracy theory on the Internet of all places,” he tells us. “Newspapers … Continue reading

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Funniest comment I’ve read all week

here at Reading & Writing in response to the flower pictures from those of us enjoying, shall we say, a more gentle Spring than himself: Update: More damn flowers here.

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TypeKey Scavenger Hunt

More information about TypeKey and comment management incorporated into Movable Type 3.0 is appearing, but it’s appearing in bits and pieces in certain weblog comments. In BuzzMachine comments Mena Trott wrote: Our announcement about the TypeKey service was focused on … Continue reading

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Small World

We’re so used to thinking of each other as pages on a computer screen that it catches at me when I read something like Doug Alder’s current post containing photos of his hometown of Rossland in British Columbia. I grew … Continue reading

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A Touch of Spring

Yesterday and today were perfect days to herald in a gentle Spring, and I was able to photograph several early flowers, including magnolia, snow drops, and, of course, daffodils. The magnolia and snow drops will wait till tomorrow; for today, … Continue reading

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