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Time to Change

…the subject, and then go for a walk to sooth my inner savage beast. Besides, I think there are still some needy ticks out in the woods, waiting for a meal. I had a chance to look at this site … Continue reading

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Not One Word

I am trying not to focus too much on Iraq because frankly the situation over in that country makes me so angry that I want to break something. But it’s hard to ignore the reports about our abuse of Iraqi … Continue reading

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Two and Two equals Zero

Thanks to Sheila Lennan I found out that the local St. Louis ABC affiliate is one of the few that will not be telecasting Ted Koppel’s April 30th Nightline show, featuring him reading the names of the service people killed … Continue reading

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The Art of Book: Volume One

I’m not an arts and crafts type of person. I don’t knit or sew, embroider, build things out of wood, make things out of straw or glass or sculpt out of clay or rock. I did try jewelry making in San Francisco, but unless I create a forge and build a press in my kitchen, it’s not necessarily the type of craft one can pursue in an apartment. Frankly, I have little patience for most crafts.

But the concept of bookbinding was different. I started researching it and found several books at the library on the subject, as well as resources online. The more I researched, the more fascinated I became. Continue reading

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File under timing

A legacy from the walk through the weeds was several tick and insect bites, and what looks like plant allergic reactions. Let me hear you folks: Way to go Shelley! We knew you couldn’t go one year without being invited … Continue reading

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Lord grant me tolerance

My belief in the existence of God, or not, is simple. And personal. My country does not have to believe as I do. If a child is hungry they don’t have to believe as I do for me to give … Continue reading

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Googled to Death

For someone interested in this sort of thing–I am interested in this sort of thing, aren’t I?–I never did make a statement about Google’s Gmail. Gmail is a centralized email system with virtually unlimited space to hold your messages, and … Continue reading

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