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WordPress 1.2 Update

WordPress is heading into beta test on 1.2, and I’ve installed this with my Practical RDF weblog (though I don’t have the old MT entries ported yet). This release made some very good changes to the interface, including providing options … Continue reading

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It’s about Women, Dear

I was so very pleased about the turnout for the Women’s march last Sunday. What impressive pictures there were! All those people, united in support of a woman’s right to control her own destiny. I can’t really add much to … Continue reading

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Sucking Clay and Beaver Tracks

I went for what was a three mile hike yesterday and ended up going six miles, primarily because I followed an animal track rather than the trail meant for humans. In the Spring here in Missouri when the marsh grasses … Continue reading

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The Fifth Sentence

Okay, I’ll play, since Doug was kind enough to post a giggle earlier. Grab the nearest book Open the book to page 23 Find the fifth sentence Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions … Continue reading

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Smart URLs, converting from MT to WP, and die, URL, die

I am in the midst of trying to salvage weblog entries that have gone through many variations of URL identification, as I’ve passed from tool to tool, and through many variations of what is subjective goodness in URL naming strategies. … Continue reading

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The Greening

The Greening happened overnight. When I woke up this morning, even the tallest and largest trees were sporting leaves, and every car was coated in green dust. No matter how carefully I look for it in the Spring, the Greening … Continue reading

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Summer in April

We’ve had an unusually warm Spring this year. The temperatures yesterday and today are close to breaking record highs, and I think today we’ll actually make it. That means over 90 F (that’s ‘hot’ in Celsius). This combined with the … Continue reading

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