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We were hit with a major storm last night. And this time we didn’t escape damage. I had taken my camera out just before the tornado alert sounded. It’s gotten so I can tell when it’s going to ring. However, … Continue reading

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Can’t we all just get along?

Sam Ruby came out with a posting that covers a conversation about characters and RSS 2.0 and Rogers Caldenhead, but ends up with a simple statement about syndication feeds: The key takeaway here is to beware of anybody who preaches … Continue reading

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Salt and Pepper

I don’t follow too many traditions when it comes to holidays. Without strong family ties or kids, I don’t celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving; and since I lack a religous foundation, I don’t celebrate Easter or Christmas. However, I still make … Continue reading

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Possible WordPress Magic Quote fix/workaround

I posted some suggestions on the WordPress magic quote problem at the support forum, here. Before running the application, make a mysqldump backup first, using the following: mysqldump -u username -p databasename > wpdatabasebackup.sql When prompted for password, enter password. … Continue reading

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Survival Guide to LAMP: First, a word from our Sponsor, Free Beer

L is for Linux, A is for Apache, M is for MySQL, and P is for PHP/Python/Perl Open source applications such as WordPress (functioning under a GPL license) are gaining a lot of fans and followers in the last few … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Storm, brought to you by The Day After

I couldn’t believe it when I heard the tornado alarm tonight. The sky didn’t look that bad. The problem is that the storms always come from the back of us so we can’t necessarily see the storms coming.

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Tornado Alert

Sirens just went off. Neighbor said tornado spotted. According to weather reports, we’re in the path. Maybe the tornado will chase me… Update The storm hit. The alarm went off twice. The neighbors ducked into their bathrooms. But me and … Continue reading

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