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Ghosts in the Machine

Two long time friends from this world have decided to fold up their blogs, at least for now. Possibly even permanently. The first is our friend from South Africa, Farrago. As she writes: This was fun, but the fun eventually … Continue reading

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Third Major Storm in Four Days

We just got another major thunderstorm alert–the third in four days; plus flooding and an occasional tornado warning. I’ll take pictures of any funnel clouds heading this way. Really. Honest. I’m not going to be a scardy baby diving for … Continue reading

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Did the Port Thing

I wrote this before running into the magic quote problem in last post I created another WordPress weblog today by copying the database and files from this weblog, and then once created, upgraded all the files to 1.2. I needed … Continue reading

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Slash problem in WordPress 1.2

As you may have noticed, I upgraded this site to WordPress 1.2 yesterday. You may have noticed because WordPress 1.2 has what I consider to be a very serious bug in that it ‘escapes’, or adds a slash, in front … Continue reading

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Rainy Carnival Kind of Day

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Moderation in all but storms

I managed to walk right into a major storm, and ended up having to take shelter until it was over. I was soaked, and I could feel the electricity of the storm on my skin, and the drop in pressure … Continue reading

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First New Look: Burningbird of Happiness

For those with the time and inclination, I’ve modified my third WordPress test weblog to one of the new looks I’m trying. This one I call The Burningbird of Happiness. It should validate as XHTML strict and CSS with a … Continue reading

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