More old stuff, Moore, Canadian elections

That’s the last of the science essays I’m porting to the new location. I have a few stories from the now defunct Paths: The book of Colors that I’m moving over to the weblog.

Then I’ll see if I can squeeze out some original writing and my three Flash music shows.

All the chit chat is on the Michael Moore film, “Fahrenheit 9/11″. I have not seen the film, and probably won’t until it’s out on video. I think Moore has the potential to be a very good documentary maker, but he crosses the line from discourse into preaching, too many times. I don’t expect Moore’s new film to be any different, but will withhold any compliments or criticisms for when I do see it, sometime after the election, I imagine.

Speaking of elections, congratulations to our Canadian friends for their recent election, and for managing to keep the wolves at the door, rather than in the parlor.

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