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A Tale of Two Technologies

I just published the first two parts of the four-part Tale of Two Monsters. These are something different, with the first covering legends and old sci-fi movies; the second covers the field known as cryptozoology and if you’ve not heard … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Monsters: Cryptozoology

Edited for updated information, and readability: Part 2 of Tale of Two Monsters, first Published in 1997 in Dynamic Earth. Cryptozoology is a field of study that focuses on researching animals based on myths, eyewitness accounts, and legends. Now, studying … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Monsters: From the Legends

Part 1 of Tale of Two Monsters. These have been popular since I first published them in 1997 at Dynamic Earth. I’ve had some very interesting conversations with folks all over the world based on them–including one very irate monster … Continue reading

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Google Email

I had received a Google email invitation a week or so back. Originally I created the account under shelleyp, but I’ve since moved to an account with ‘burningbird’ as the recipient. The original name is too close to my primary … Continue reading

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And now a word from the sponsor…

I’m working on converting the last of the old Dynamic Earth articles I plan on salvaging: the four-part Tale of Two Monsters, covering the Loch Ness Monster, and the giant squid. A lot of work to port these– they are … Continue reading

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First published 1997 to YASD, then updated in 2000 in Dynamic Earth “By the way, Fitzgerald, how are you making out with your problem?” “We are holding our own.” “Okay, fine. I’ll be talking to you later.” So ends the … Continue reading

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The 1998 Ice Storm

Published in 1999 to Dynamic Earth. In 1997 I woke up with a new decision: I wanted to move to Vermont. I talked this over with my now ex-husband and we chatted and thought about it and decided that yes, … Continue reading

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