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Summer Break

In addition to our political views, Mark Morford from the Chronicle and I have something else in common this morning: we’re both suffering from injured wrists. More than that, we’re both taking a break from our writing: Morford because of … Continue reading

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Source Updates

I am regenerating the documentation of the PHP for my site and should have replacement pages up tonight. The pages will include my Talkback feature and comment editing. They won’t include the counter post technology, which I’ve removed. I want … Continue reading

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Copyright, Copyleft

Dave Shea has a set of images at his web site, depicting a photograph being altered in progressive stages. He asks the question: Assuming the photo I started with was copyrighted by someone else and I wasn’t licensed to use … Continue reading

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This is Democratic National Convention Week

I know that there are many of you unaware that this is National Democratic Convention week. For those new to American politics, all this fooflah must seem a bit bewildering. What is all the fuss about if Kerry has the … Continue reading

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Giving you control over your words

I am in the midst of taking what has amounted to an overly large first article for American Street, and attempting to edit it down for publication later today. Though the article is no longer than a good New York … Continue reading

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Cooler Weather

Clouds rolled in yesterday and brought cooler weather. Thankfully. It’s still quite warm and humid, but I won’t risk collapse just walking to the mailbox. I have made good use of this enforced at home time, though. Spending a little … Continue reading

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Tech Lists

I have rediscovered today why I don’t like technical email lists. Not to say the lists are wrong. I think it has more to do with personalities, and some people are comfortable with lists, others not. I am not. So … Continue reading

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