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Oh Horrors!

edited I wrote two posts related to politics and feminism, and another related to philosophy, with a few pictures thrown in. I must now write on technology. Movable Type 3.1 did release today, right on schedule. Congratulations to the 6A … Continue reading

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Do not lose your desire to walk

On the bathroom wall at Shaw Nature Reserve, I saw a sign with these words: “Above all, do not lose your desire to walk: every day I walk myself into a state of well-being and walk away from every illness; … Continue reading

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Invisible on Still Water

This week is the RNC, which probably accounts for why we’re subjected to yet another post asking the question, Where are the female political bloggers — a male ephipany that seems to occur with surprising regularity. This particular writing was … Continue reading

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My Apolitical Self

Kevin Hayden had some nice things to say about yours truly and other webloggers. I was especially thankful for his kind compliments on my photography. I was taken back, though, when he introduced me as a member of blogs that … Continue reading

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Several New Tin Foil Project Entries

Today was cool and cloudy, which makes excellent photography weather. I spent the afternoon at the Shaw Conservation area, and the fruits of the effort have been posted at Tin Foil Project. Samples of what to find include this flower … Continue reading

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Truth and Authority

Joi Ito points to an article by a reporter talking about the untrustworthy nature of Wikipedia. It would seem that a school librarian wrote to this reporter saying, that Wikipedia is …not an authoritative source. The librarian, Susan Stagnitta then … Continue reading

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Resigned Forests

By 6:30 it had cooled enough to go walking and I went to my favorite path. I thought I would see the deer, but wasn’t expecting to see them right at the start of the walk: the mother and her … Continue reading

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