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More Retro Squirrel

Since it’s the weekend…

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About this Entry

I added an entry to the top of the sidebar for my individual entry pages that lists information about the post, including: author, date and time of post creation, categories, a link to syndicate the comments for that post, post … Continue reading

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All Green

I would be adding more photos to Tin Foil Project, but the weather has been abysmal. Either extremely hot and humid, or thunderstorms, and now we’re looking at flash floods combined with thunderstorms and a tropical storm across the entire … Continue reading

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Fish or Cut Bait

I got very tired of all the stories about Bush and his National Guard duty during Vietnam. I feel there’s enough to know about George Bush now that I don’t need to go back into ancient history to get yet … Continue reading

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Sam Ruby posts a note to a thread on the Apache GUMP email list with several questions about RDF. Stefano Mazzocchi has started answering, but others might be interested in chiming in, either at the list, or Sam’s.

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Breaking More Glass

I have been remiss in congratulating Halley Suitt for breaking into another bastion of geek brotherhood — ITConversations. Her new Memory Lane interview series is an interesting addition to the lineup, and I’ve enjoyed listening to her recent interviews with … Continue reading

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Breaking Glass

When I worked at the Women’s Center at Yakima Valley Community College back in the late 70′s, I interviewed the head instructor of our mechanical engineering program about women participating in his program. I remember him saying that he welcomed … Continue reading

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