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Tower Grove Test Flight

I didn’t get out for photos until late afternoon, and the light was almost gone. I went to Tower Grove for my camera tryout, testing various modes, but taking the photos as Nikon RAW format (NEF). I am still amazed … Continue reading

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Now, who is my pick

I do believe that John Kerry was much more relaxed and confident during the debate. President Bush seemed very pressured at times, very uncomfortable with the venue. He stumbled quite a bit more than Kerry, though usually did recover himself. … Continue reading

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The Winner of the Debate was…

The American people. The Presidential debate tonight was one of the best political debates I’ve seen. Yes, there was time to bring in canned speech and talking points, but the moderator was exceptionally good at clarifying points, showing when both … Continue reading

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How we Deal with Death is a Reflection of how we view Life

Slashdot has a story about a car accident involving a small group of people driving to Paris from the SANE 2004 conference. Richard Stallman, the leading open source advocate had been in the car but had been dropped off earlier. … Continue reading

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New Toy

I received my beautiful new Nikon D70, and have already put it through the ‘falling off the bed’ shock test. Mustn’t play with camera while in bed, I now say over and over to myself. I am overwhelmed by what … Continue reading

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St. Helen’s Repeat

All those people in the West Coast that have patted themselves on the back for escaping the early severe storms that hit the midwest, and the late summer hurricanes that have inundated Florida, the south, and the Eastern seaboard have … Continue reading

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Having just asked…

…for volunteers, I have to now say that I may not get back to you for a couple of days because I am really sick. That po’me, feeling sorry for oneself sick. My head is failing, and taking the rest … Continue reading

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