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Volunteer for Kitchen Duty

A few weeks ago I was approached by a person (who has asked to remain anonymous), about holding a two-week clinic for webloggers and those who read webloggers and even those who don’t but still manage to use the web … Continue reading

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What is he talking about?

I’m not stupid and I know all the technologies and people referenced, but I read this recent article by Steve Gillmor and I haven’t the foggiest what he’s trying to communicate. He begins about the recent fooflah with Robert Scoble … Continue reading

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Submission Deus (or is that Dux or Duck?)

I threw caution to the wind and submitted my carefully crafted session proposal to O’Reilly for ETech. I thought about posting it here, but is that bad luck, or poor taste? Regardless, I will tease you and tell you that … Continue reading

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Submission for ETech

I had worked on a proposal for speaking at ETech but I hesitate to turn it in. I’m not sure where my entry would fit among the themes, and to be honest, I think a lot of geeks think my … Continue reading

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Fighting Failure

All indications say that the fall colors this year will be muted compared to last year. I can see this already when I go out for a walk — too many leaves just dying without that final burst of color, … Continue reading

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Browser Dux or Deus or Duck?

In comments Dylan writes about having a visual RDF browser, …it would seem that a RDF Browser would be useful in traversing different distributed data as you follow connections and learn new information.. Danny Ayers also responded with: If I … Continue reading

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