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From the Squid Lady, a Story

According to this story giant squid now exceed us in biomass in the world. This is born out by the sudden appearance of the Humboldt squid in the Puget Sound and off the waters of Alaska–not these creatures normal hunting … Continue reading

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Places of Energy

I was reading Maria’s post in response to the Ecotone’s Energy of Place. She wrote about living in San Francisco, within visual range of San Quentin prison, with it’s 613 men on death row: I have asked others around me … Continue reading

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Speaking of Slow Cooked

Both Jeneane (Sessum) and Dave (Rogers) are cooking up a storm at the Kitchen: Jeneane writes: I miss the default of openness, the wonder in communicating across what were once insurmountable geographical and cultural boundaries, the honesty that crossed gender … Continue reading

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Slow Cooked

This week I’m taking a break and heading down to Arkansas and the Ozarks. When I leave depends on if the Techwatch people respond to my email telling me where I need to be and when, and what I need … Continue reading

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WordPress Folk, Adjust your Tools

I think this applies to MT people, too. With the DST change, you may find that your WordPress tool is no longer in synch with your server, at least with the version I’m using with Burningbird, 1.2. You’ll need to … Continue reading

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New Kitchen Topics

The Kitchen is sporting a new Halloween look. The background pumpkins don’t quite go with the header, but the background will be changing tomorrow after the holiday. And it is something o’clock in the morning now, and I’m falling asleep … Continue reading

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It’s Called Wordform

When developers talk about creating a software fork, what we mean is that we’re going to take a cut of the code of the original and then develop from that point on in a separate and usually no longer compatible … Continue reading

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